Lavender Labyrinth

I love lavender.  There is really no other way of expressing it: I. Love. Lavender.  Its fragrant heads have waved in the landscapes of my life since I was a child and for as long as I remember we have cooked, crafted and even healed with it.  How thrilled was I when my friend, Christine Sine (of Mustard Seed Associates), shared this Lavender Labyrinth in Kastellaun, Germany.  Thrilled because I also have a deep love and respect for labyrinths and the healing they too can facilitate.

This Saturday, May 5, is World Labyrinth Day–a day to recognize and celebrate this ancient practice as a means of present day prayer and centering.  Christine Sine compiled a very helpful resource list concerning the labyrinth practice.  Do check out her suggestions and resource links here.

And may you find a special place to participate in this experience; perhaps this sanctioned date will be an invitation for you to do so for the first time!  It may take a little research, but you’ll be surprised how many labyrinths are tucked in the quiet places of life around you.

If you are in the Seattle area, my personal favorite labyrinth is located at the Whidbey Institute on Whidbey Island.  It is a bit of a journey (nay, I’ll call it a pilgrimage) to get there, but well worth the process; a stone lined labyrinth residing under the embrace of an old growth forest awaits you.

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