A Sacred Journey-Part Two from the Pilgrim in Residence

It has been a joyful opportunity to share with the Sacred Journey community a bit about my pilgrimages to Iona, Scotland and further reflections on the Arrival stage of pilgrimage.  It always blesses and challenges me to see not just these trips as sacred, but every day of our life.  Click on the image below to read further about what you can do to create an intention around your life’s journey and preparing for the place of your heart’s arrival!



4 thoughts on “A Sacred Journey-Part Two from the Pilgrim in Residence

  1. I follow your posts with much anticipation as I will journey to Iona next year as part of a three part “Threshold Pilgrimage”. Thank you for your inspiring words and insights! Blessings!

    • Patricia, thank you for your kind words! I am so glad to hear that you are preparing to go to Iona, and on a very intentional pilgrimage as well. I am very interested in this “Threshold Pilgrimage”–do tell! Warmly, Mary

      • I will be turning 65 next May, a very important threshold in ones life and I will be making my pilgrimage to three sacred and “thin” places…The Burren and Glendalough in Ireland and Iona in Scotland. Like you, I will share my experience as a Pilgrim in Residence on A Sacred Journey as well as on my own blog, A Photographic Sage. I hope you will follow along as well!

      • Patricia! What a meaningful way to mark this threshold in your life! And I will absolutely look forward to your offerings on A Sacred Journey and will follow along. Blessings on you and the road ahead.

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