This is merely a note to awaken you to what is emerging here at Waymarkers. I graduated with my Masters in Theology & Culture from The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology and a specialization in Thomas Berry’s Universe Story from Yale University this past June. In these past years, my studies, research, and writing have all reached towards Waymarkers in some way, shape, or fashion, wondering about how my learnings would integrate into my work that shows up in the world wide web through Waymarkers.  These summer months have seen this wonderings become more clarified, and these emergences will begin to show themselves through a new website and offerings, expanded writing themes beyond that of pilgrimage, and engagement with theories around ecotheology, sacred ecology, and a reverence for creation as the dwelling place for the divine.

I hope this is enough to pique your interest and that you will feel invited to journey along with me upon paths that will take us deeper into the wilds where Creator can be heard speaking through all created things.


5 thoughts on “Emergence

  1. I am simply an old “anonemoose monk” (nearing 70) who has studied life mostly from outside institutions, but I do look forward to more. I read your book while on pilgrimage/vision quest in the Scottish Highlands, Western Isles and Northern Ireland.

    As a Lakota Celt, I called it “Yellow Horse’s Journey” . . . it continues.

    • Patrick, I am honored that my words accompanied you on such a transformational journey. I am certain the land taught you so much! You draw from a rich ancestry, my friend. I’m grateful the territory of the world wide web has connected us. Be well and Godspeed.

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