About: the blog

When our very lives are perceived as a pilgrimage, we intentionally experience moments and seasons for the deep wisdom they offer.  Ultimately, we journey—both to places like Iona, Scotland and through our lives—so that we may return home, changed and able to see the mundane for the magic that it is.  Acknowledging this pilgrim-life and those with whom we travel has the power to transform the average into the sublime.

We travel not only with chosen mates (friends and family), but we are also challenged to journey alongside those whose names we do not know-I call them Other-as well as, on behalf of the Future.  By choosing to live on behalf of these very real concepts, we place ourselves hand-in-hand with those that are different than us (in every sense of the word!) and move from seeing them as Other, to neighbor, to-ultimately-our selves. For we cannot love that/whom we do not know, and we cannot know anyone or anything unless we are exposed to them and have experiences alongside of them.  This is the journey to which we are called.

This blog is more than just about Iona, Scotland; it is a place to reflect on the challenges of this pilgrim-life the world over.  These writings are personal prayers laced with hope…hope for my community, hope for my forest, hope for my world, hope for my HOME.  For we go out into all of these places ultimately to be changed and transformed and to bring the bounty of it all back.

Godspeed as you make ready the road!

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