Connected Colors-A Gift from the Garden

Connected Colors-A Gift from the Garden

This week has provided space for some much needed self-care. Seven weeks into my first term at The Seattle School and we have a week “off” to read, write, reflect and rest.

With most of my reading already caught up, I was all too eager to get my fingernails dirty and be outside! My spirit rejuvenates in the soil of my garden. It is where I get connected and find connectedness. It is where I engage awe and wonder in ways that only the natural world can provide. As I wrestled overgrown perennials and dug deep into the damp earth to plant promises of spring, I was struck with the diversity of color that still surrounded me, even as Autumn begins to shed her vibrant hues.

My youngest and I collected a rainbow today. And the colors gave me hope, that even whilst Winter is soon upon us (and my studies will require my attendance once again), there is sheer, inherent beauty in what we are created to be! There is connection and cohesiveness in creation, and we are a part of this great created community of things!


9 thoughts on “Connected Colors-A Gift from the Garden

  1. Helps us to stay connected to the rhythm of things. A while back (am I right in thinking it was you I discussed this with,or was it on somebody else’s blog?) we talked about your ‘nature table’, well now we have a ‘nature tray’ and the kids are loving the walk from school, collecting cones and conkers etc. This works the same way for us.

    • Hi Andy! Yes, we had originally connected around a post I did of our family’s hearth places, or our nature tables. I’m so glad to hear that you took to the idea and your kids enjoy it! Its such a lovely way to bring nature indoors as well as cultivate a posture of being on the look out for beauty while we are out and about outside. Ps. We call conkers “chestnuts”. I recently learned of “conkers” when another British friend shared with me a game that is often played in school yards with said items! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • That is correct. Some people used to cheat by soaking their conkers in vinegar, coating them in nail varnish or hardening them in the oven.
        In this crazy world we live in now though-schools have banned the playing of conkers on the grounds of health and safety. They used to play conkers in school in my Dad’s time as well as mine, with no mishap. It just drives the players underground!

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